Cellar Dweller's mobile wine filtration truck and trailer.


Mobile Wine Filtration for Okanagan wineries.

Cellar Dweller Mobile Filter Services Ltd. is a Mobile Filtration Services company based in Okanagan Falls, BC.

Cellar Dweller operates mobile membrane systems including Crossflow filter systems, Rotary Vacuum Drum filter system,  Selective Tartrate Removal System (STARS), and Reverse Osmosis filtration systems.

We typically process our customers wine on site, but also offer an offsite service.  Fees are based on a job time estimate, plus travel expenses and materials used.  Our rental fee includes delivery and pick up and our systems come with a fully trained operator.

By using our services, your winery will be able to access equipment that isn't cost effective to own in house.  This equipment saves time, reduces wine losses, and produces higher quality wines.  These efficiency and quality gains will produce significant returns for your winery..

When using our RO and/or STARS services, we also recommend you consider using our Crossflow MF filter service prior to RO or STARS.  Both of these units require low turbidity wine for optimum flows.  RO is not a filtration, any acetobactor or bacteria that may have caused wine issues are still present, and need to be removed with sterile, or near sterile filtration.

Cellar Dweller also offers additional services.  And our experienced operators are experienced cellar hands and equipment operators and are available on a consultative basis.

We operate a small fleet of flat bed trucks, and these are available for rent during harvest for moving grapes.  As well, we stock various grades of filter cartridges and have rental filter housings for your bottling line filtration requirements.  We also occasionally have used equipment for sale.

Contact us today or request a quote to see how we can help you save time, reduce wine loss and produce higher quality wines.


The Pall oenoflow 4B semi-automatic system reduces wine loss to very low levels.


The selective tartrate removal system - STARS - is a mobile wine filtration option used to tartrate stabilize wines to -4C, typically just after crossflow filtration and prior to packaging.

Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis system is a mobile wine filtration method used to treat multiple wine taints.

Lees Recovery

Our mobile wine filtration services include the lees recovery services which uses a rotary vacuum drum filter.