Reduce the Amount of Wine Loss with our Crossflow Filtration Method

Crossflow Filtration has the benefit of offering bottling line ready wine in a single pass filtration, significantly reducing your labor costs associated with filtering wine.

Crossflow Filtration significantly reduces the amount of wine loss from filtration.  For each 10,000 liters filtered, 10 cases additional yield is typical.

Depending on our customers needs, our systems are used at various stages post fermentation.

  1. For high brix wines, to stop fermentation at the desired alcohol/brix level.
  2. Prior to utilizing our Reverse Osmosis service. (to repair wine faults, concentration, or to reduce alcohol).
  3. After bentonite fining, prior to using our STARS system (tartrate stabilization, ph adjustment), just prior to bottling.
  4. After bentonite fining and traditional cold stabilization, just prior to bottling.

Crossflow Unit 1 – Pall Oenoflow 4B Semi-automatic system – 32 square meters of filter area – typical average flow rates of 3000 lph for whites, 1500 lph for reds.

Crossflow Unit 2 – Pall Oenoflow 5XLS Automatic system – 107.5 square meters of filter area – typical average flow rates of 8000 lph for whites, 4000 lph for reds. .

The Pall OenoflowTM is the crossflow filter system chosen by the 3 largest wineries in the Okanagan Valley.

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