Recover Lost Volume with our Lees Recovery System

Our Lees Recovery service uses a Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter (RVDF) to filter high solids must or wine.
Our customers use our Lees Recovery service to:

  1. Recover cold settled must at harvest time.
  2. Recover white and red wine lees following fermentation.

RVDF Unit 1 – Spadoni RVDF – 2.5 square meters – typical flow rates – 400 lph for white juice, 300 lph for red/white wine lees, 200 lph for ice wine juice.

Wineries typically lose 5 – 10% of total yield in juice and wine lees, and usually end up disposing of these lees with minimal recovery.  Cellar Dweller typically recovers 60% – 75% of this lost volume.  A 5000 case winery has 4500 – 9000 liters of loss, which at $2000/ton for grapes, translates to $18000 – $36000 of loss.

We process Lees either on site, or offsite.  For smaller lots or when onsite processing isn’t convenient due to space needs during crush, ask about our offsite service.

Using our Mobile Wine Lees Filtration service is a significant way to increase your wineries yields and profitability, without any capital outlay.

Our knowledgeable wine filtration consultants are here to help you recover lost volume and increase your revenue.

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