Please review the technical requirements for our wine filtration methods

Cellar Dweller’s equipment is delivered to site in an enclosed trailer. A level cement pad, and space to maneuver and park a truck and 24 ft trailer combination is required to proceed with our wine filtration methods.

When possible our equipment is operated in the trailer.

A fork lift is not typically required as the units are on wheels, and roll in and out of our trailers. However, a clear, level path from the trailer unloading area to the site where the equipment will be operated is required, or a method to move the equipment from the loading zone to the operation zone.

Utilities Required: Cellar Dweller uses various plug types, amperages and voltages depending on our equipment and the winery electrical. Our equipment can use the following plug types and voltages:

  • 208 single phase (100 Amp) – Plug type 4100R12
  • 208 3 phase (60 Amp) – Plug type 560R9
  • 208 3 phase (100 Amp) – Plug type 4100R9
  • 460V 3 phase (30 Amp) – Plug type 430R7W(Reverse osmosis and Crossflow “B” only)

Our insurance requires that electrical installations be performed by licensed electricians hired by the winery. We can provide a certified electrician on a consultative basis, but require prior notice. We can provide appropriate plugs to wineries to operate our equipment, either as a loaner or for sale.

Clean, cold water with good flow to accommodate our wine filtration methods is required. We carry on-demand propane heaters for wineries with lower hot water capacity.

Looking for more information? Fill out our request a quote form and we will be happy to help you with any wine filtration method questions.