I would like some information on your juice lees filtration services during harvest. We currently have no lees filtration and have been actively looking for a solution. I know you are doing lees filtration at smaller facilities, but I’m concerned that our volume may be too small for you to handle.

During harvest, we run multiple wineries and multiple batches per day. Our present capacity is 4000 to 5000 liters per shift. There is some wine intermixing from batch to batch, about 100 liters. We accept volumes of 400 liters or greater during harvest, and volumes of 1000 liters or greater during other time periods. For

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What do I need for tanks, hoses, fittings to use your services?

Cellar Dweller normally does not provide the hoses on the inlet and outlet side of the equipment, but we do provide the drain hoses for equipment (STARS, CROSSFLOW). We also provide the fittings that for hoses connected to our equipment. Crossflow and STARS are tank to tank processes, so a clean receiving tank is needed

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How does crossflow affect wine taste?

The components of wine that affect wine taste are molecular components and not removed by the membranes. The membranes have been selected to only remove particulate contaminants. Like other filtration methods or bottling, there may be a slight filter/bottle shock effect, but crossflow filtered wines typically rebound faster than filter pad filtered wines. Crossflow has

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Does the wine need to be racked? Prefiltered?

One of the main selling points of Crossflow is the efficiency of the system and its ability to handle higher turbidities and produce bottle ready wines in a single pass. Wines do not need to be pre-filtered. If wines are un-racked, we normally start filtration off the racking valve, and then complete the filtration from

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